Our Staff

Jagdeep Passan – Chief Executive Officer
Jagdeep was inspired to join LIP as Chief Executive Officer in 2009 as a result of witnessing situations within health and social care service provision where people’s experiences were not listened to. He wanted to work in an organisation which actively promotes the voice of people regardless of their age, disability, race and gender. Jagdeep is an experienced senior manager within mental health, substance misuse, housing and related fields, and he uses his strategic partnership relationships across Leeds to promote and develop LIP’s work.

Amy Rebane – Involvement Development Officer
Amy works mainly on delivering the NHS contract that we hold, and does research within hard to reach communities to find out their opinions about health care services. Amy also works on LIP’s Adult Social Care contract using outreach methods to gain perspectives about social care services in Leeds. Amy began in voluntary work whilst at University and volunteered for the Witness Service. Amy applied for a job as an administrator at LIP following graduation and is still with us, four and a half years later!

Khalid Ashraf – Involvement Development Officer (DeaForum)
Khalid has many years of experience in the fields of architecture, structural engineering and access consultancy and also plays an important role with the deaf community in Leeds. Khalid co-ordinates the DeaForum for LIP and his duty is to encourage the Deaf adult members to voice their opinions. This gives the members a feeling of importance within their communities and allows them to be involved in making important decisions for the services that the council offer. Khalid also works as part-time as a presenter for ITV.