IMG_1347Welcome to Leeds Involving People

Leeds Involving People represents the independent voice of people through the promotion of effective involvement. We involve the community in the development of health and social care services by ensuring their opinions and concerns are at the centre of decision making processes.

We do this by promoting best practice in involvement and by ensuring we use methods that are appropriate, accessible and responsive to the needs of individuals and communities. We also support individuals and organisations to become ‘involvement ready’ so they can work in partnership with public bodies to shape, improve and co-design services.

‘Involvement ready’ is a term we use to describe individuals who have become empowered to attend meetings and events where they have the confidence to speak in front of others about their views and experience in a professional manner. We also support organisations to effectively involve their services users to become ‘involvement ready’

Leeds Involving People – Summer Newsletter 2015

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Citywide Mental Health Involvement Network

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